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User Conduct

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Reporting Violations

You may report and violations to these Terms by contacting our abuse department at [email protected]. Please provide enough information to ensure we can replicate the problem on our end.


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Use of Content

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Privacy Policy

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If any provision in these Terms are deemed as void, unlawful, or otherwise unenforceable, then said provisions may be severable from the rest of Terms and will leave other Terms unaffected.

Disclaimer and Release

To the extent permitted by law, the site assumes no responsibility for the usefulness of Website content including relevancy and accuracy. You understand that you use this Website at your own risk and understand content posted by others does not reflect the views of this Website. All content is the sole responsibility of the person who posted it including but not limited to text, files, pictures, videos, data, and contact info. Any content downloaded or otherwise obtained from this Website is done so at your own risk and you will not hold this Website liable for any result of said content. We will not be held liable for external users actions. Interactions between parties are the sole responsibility of the parties involved. You understand that this Website is in no way involved and further will not provide any form of dispute resolution. You also understand that we make no claims that this Website provides and will continue to provide an uninterrupted service, without defect and/or error.

If this Website does not exercise their rights in these provisions, the Website’s Terms shall not be waived unless agreed to between both parties in writing.

Time Frame

You agree that any issues/claims related to these Terms must be filed no later than 1 year regardless of any provisions stating otherwise.

Governing Law

The Terms Contained herein are governed by and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada. Any claim (either cause or dispute) by you or any third party shall be governed by the state or federal courts of Nevada regardless of your location, location preference, or any conflicts that may arise.


You agree that you will not participate or set into action any class actions against this Website. If an event arises, our total liability will not exceed what you personally paid us over the past 360 days. You agree to indemnify this Website for any damages, loss, and expenses as a result of your claim against this Website. You hereby understand the responsibility of conducting affiliate efforts, and agree that you are liable for and breach of these Terms by your affiliates paid by you (both directly and indirectly). You further agree to pay “reasonable damages” for any breach of Terms you hold with this Website: $1000 per software distribution made to breach our Terms, $2 per each user personal information collected using restricted collections, $.50 per server request, and $1 per spam post (total damages not to exceed $20,000 per day). You will also be held liable if you help someone else breach these Terms.


The listed Terms serve as the exclusive and entire agreement between us. Once you accept these Terms, they supersede any prior agreements between us.